Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte: Fashion Pop Up

Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte: Fashion Pop Up

Celebrating Sustainable Fashion: "Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte" by CasaCaprichos and Friends

This past week, CasaCaprichos hosted an inspiring event called "Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte," celebrating sustainable fashion, health and wellness, and mindful living. 

A Botanical Setting 

Hosted in the beautiful, plant-filled space, Kaktos Botanical Society, the atmosphere buzzed with the excitement of like-minded individuals coming together.



Local Artisans and Creatives

The event featured artisan pop-up shopping, showcasing beautifully crafted pieces from local brands and makers. Healthy snacks were available, emphasizing the importance of mindful consumption.


Workshops & Live Demos

Bea, from Sano Experience, gave an informational workshop on healthy drinks and how to integrate them into your daily routine. She taught the audience how to make three basic, health-boosting beverages with natural ingredients. Towy gave a live denim demo, showing how old denim can be transformed into a new life of home good and accessories, highlighting the importance of reducing waste.


And let’s not forget the incredible botanical cocktails from Kaktos Botanical Society and the beautiful, edible table curated and made by Liliana of Omen Therapies.



Fireside POV: Sustainable Fashion

For us, a highlight of the event was our fireside chat on sustainable fashion from the perspectives of conscious consumers and brands. Chatting with Romina Roman, eco-conscious creator, we discussed the different perspectives in fashion, with the aim to shed light on the challenges and successes in the industry, from consumer and business lens.





All in all, the best part was connecting with others in a cool space and connecting over what we find inspiring.

Big thank you to CasaCaprichos for creating a space where community, sustainability, and creativity flourished. We were truly inspired by the "Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte" event and we left feeling inspired and eager to continue the journey.


Thank you to everyone who came and we hope to see you at the next event!

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