Rubisnacks Barcelona x Feedback Journey

Rubisnacks Barcelona x Feedback Journey

Celebrating Connection, Inspiration, and Entrepreneurship

Our founder reflects on the recent Feedback Journey Runway and Dynamic Networking event.


Recently, Espai Nu hosted the intimate and inspiring, Feedback Journey by Sonia Muñoz, where Rubisnacks Barcelona unveiled the upcoming collection. The evening was filled with meaningful connections and showcased how our activewear blends style and functionality, catering to the varied and dynamic roles women play throughout their day.


All the Women We Are in a Day

For this runway, I reflected on the multiple roles each woman plays in a day: We may be 5-6-7 or different women each day depending on the situation - from professional to social, out playing sports or with friends - anything and everything in between. Yet each of these different women we are in a day, share a common need: to wear something we can move in which also expresses our own personal style.


Through Rubisnacks, our goal is to enable and inspire women to live their lives in the way they want. I designed this collection so that each piece can accompany you through your day with comfort, style, and in a way that can move how you need. 

I feel that, when you can do your things as you want, how you want and in what makes you feel good, there is nothing that can stop you.


Celebrating Women on the Runway

The catwalk highlighted the adaptability of our activewear for the multifaceted lives of modern women. Each look showed how our collection transitions effortlessly through various activities and personal styles:


Office Cool: Fitted leather trousers with our Minerva top in Marble print, paired with heels and a tailored blazer.

Minimalist Sporty Chic: a neutral set that matches the aesthetics of a beautiful pilate studio.

Maximalist Chaos: Chaos Banana print in the Minerva crop top and biker shorts for a bold, energetic look.

Casual Day: Loose white jeans with the Emerald Artemis sports bra under a kimono-style jacket and sandals for a relaxed outing.

Evening Elegance: Eden Rose sports bra moonlights as a chic crop top paired with an elegant pink draped skirt and blush heels for a sophisticated evening look.



Personally, seeing these looks come to life underscored our mission to create versatile, stylish, and functional activewear that empowers women to make bold moves wherever they are.


Building Connections and Community

Feedback Journey was invaluable for professional networking. As an entrepreneur, community and connection are essential, and events like this foster a supportive space for achieving our goals together, both professionally and personally.


Looking Ahead

Our goal with Rubisnacks is to inspire women to make bold moves with confidence. Connecting with other founders and industry experts is invaluable as we grow our business, and receiving feedback on our collection helps us refine our designs to better meet our customers' needs.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported us at Feedback Journey! Your enthusiasm and encouragement drive us to keep pushing the boundaries of active fashion.

Here’s to making bold moves, every day.

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