How to Style: Emerald Artemis Sports Bra

How to Style: Emerald Artemis Sports Bra

Curated looks for Emerald Artemis, our soft green sports bra 

Our days are a thrilling blend of activities, demanding versatility from our wardrobe. Designed to seamlessly transition from gym to street, our bras are tailored to your dynamic lifestyle.

Introducing our latest sartorial muse, the Emerald Artemis sports bra. Here are five impeccably curated looks to showcase its chameleonic charm.


Look 1: Rooftops and Aperols

Embrace urban sophistication with the Emerald Artemis as your anchor. Pair it with wide-leg trousers for a sleek silhouette that moves with you. Add a touch of luxury with a silk button-down, elegantly juxtaposed against the sporty aesthetic of the bra. Complete the look with woven loafers for a refined finish.

Whether you’re enjoying cocktails at a rooftop bar or navigating city streets, this ensemble exudes effortless chic.


Look 2: Country Club Afternoon

Hit the courts in impeccable style. Combine the Emerald Artemis with a matching skirt for a coordinated athletic look. Perforated oxfords lend a touch of preppy elegance, while a silk scarf adds a hint of classic sophistication. Top off the ensemble with a straw beret, blending sporty functionality with timeless fashion.

This look transitions seamlessly from tennis to tea time.


Look 3: Live Jazz at a Downtown Speakeasy

Embrace the sultry atmosphere of a jazz night out. Pair the Emerald Artemis with a high-waisted midi skirt and a cropped leather jacket. Add strappy heels and statement earrings for a look that’s equal parts edgy and elegant, perfect for swaying to live tunes.


Look 4: An Afternoon at the Met

Art meets fashion in this eclectic ensemble. Pair the Emerald Artemis with striped jeans for a playful yet polished look. An oversized button-down shirt provides an artistic touch, perfectly complemented by a gold fanny pack that adds a modern edge. As you explore the latest exhibits, this outfit ensures you remain the epitome of style and comfort.


Look 5: A Stylish Networking Lunch

Command the room at your next networking event with the Emerald Artemis as your foundation. An architectural top and tailored trousers create a sharp, contemporary silhouette. Elevate the ensemble with a statement kimono jacket, infusing the look with vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

This outfit is designed to impress, blending professional poise with fashion-forward flair.



Elevate your wardrobe with Emerald Artemis

The Emerald Artemis sports bra is the ultimate wardrobe staple, effortlessly transitioning through diverse activities and styles. Whether you're enjoying rooftop drinks, hitting the tennis courts, listening to live jazz at a downtown speak-easy, exploring art exhibits, attending a networking lunch, or anything else that make pop up in your day, this bra combines comfort, style, and adaptability.

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