A Look Behind-the-Scenes

A Look Behind-the-Scenes


Rubisnacks BTS this month:

We've been busy behind-the-scenes with new designs, making connections, preparing photoshoots, and all the in-between to make it happen. 

Come take a look at what we've been up to!


In fashion design, there are usually a lot of different things happening at once

Images of the fashion design process - final sports bra style and paper patterns on a table.

From product design, print design, color selection, mood boards, prototyping, and fittings, 

Images of the fashion design process - fashion illustration sketches, prototyping, and final sports bra style

To the business running side, with admin (or fave...!), marketing and social media, and of course, connecting with other business owners for collabs and partnerships.


Ideation to design to protos to patterns

My design process has a lot of different phases. Aside from mood boards and aesthetic direction, there is the actual garment design and ideation. When I design, I put together a mood sketch and a technical drawing for our pattern maker. This includes measurements, construction techniques, and specific shapes.

Fashion pattern drafting tools laying on a table, measuring tape, scissors and a prototype of a custom designs sports bra in terracotta colors


From here, I usually do a rough, first prototype. This serves two purposes: first, it’s to see how the style should look on the body and if I should make changes. And second, it is to provide a physical sample for the pattern maker to ensure they draft the correct pattern and shape that I envisioned.

Next, the pattern maker will create a digital pattern of our sample size. It will go from idea to sketch to technical drawing to physical sample, back to real-size paper pattern.


Digital Patterns

After the digital patterns are complete, I get them printed on a large format and bring them to the atelier. 

Looking down at the street with a foot walking forward and carrying a large, rolled up piece of paper. Part of the fashion design process. 

Here, they cut and sew our first prototypes to see how they look, fit, and feel. 

Things are coming to life!


Custom Print Design

In addition to bringing our digital patterns to the atelier, I also schlepp over new sample yardage.    What is sample yardage? Not only do I design each style, but I also custom design each print.  Prior to production orders, I place a small order of each print first to see how the colors and scale look.

woman taking a selfie in a mirror holding a roll of striped fabric.


Color Design

Image of ground with squares of color printed on a piece of fabric and a person wearing aqua slippers, on a yellow carpet. Text reads: Color cards printed on our technical fabrics.  Color shows up differently on different fabrics, so here I am checking my color standards and making changes to the artwork to ensure the correct color is what’s printed. I do this for all colors.

three dots as a divider

Four images in a grid: Cappuccino, a dog laying on the ground, another cafe image, and coffee artAnd in between all the running around, we're fueling up with lots of flat whites and cool coffee shops. And dogs. There is always time for dogs.

three dots as a divider 

More to come!

That's this month's round of Behind-the-Scenes shots. We've got a ton more to share for next month, with our new prints and photoshoot prep. Stay tuned!

woman wearing sunglasses and a hat, with a deep blue sports bra that has a geometric floral motif. She styles this sports bra with a black velvet overall dress.


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