Design Spotlight: Sevilla

Design Spotlight: Sevilla

Meet Sevilla, our lilac pink polka dot print:

We’re excited to introduce to you one of our favorite new tops in the Artemis style - our Sevilla print.

What I’ve learned from launching this print is that you’re either a lover of polka dots or it’s not your thing - there is no in between. Well, we’re in the lover category and we’re calling all our other polka dot loving girlies for this print. 


Our inspiration comes from a few places, but we can confidently say that it was the flamenco dresses from Las Ferias in Spain that inspired this print. 

Image: Pinterest. Left, dancer Manuela Vargas

Elegant, feminine, powerful.

All of these at once.  La Feria de Abril is an annual celebration in the south of Spain, which started as a livestock fair in 1846 held one or two weeks after Easter. It is culturally significant and now entails festivals and parties, dancing, food and much more. 

Image: Pinterest. 


Personally, I’m most excited about the outfits and music.

Simply open your instagram and you’ll be flooded with incredible dresses and costumes, representing years of history and culture. I have always been enamored with cultural expression from different parts of the world and this is no exception. These dresses are simply gorgeous - Flashes of ruffles and polka dots, sinuous lines and flares. I wanted to capture a part of this and translate it into Rubisnacks. 

Image: Pinterest. 

Distinct Look

A pink Lilac matched with a bright orange - it’s not a typical color combination, but I wanted to do something a little different than the traditional polka dot color combination of black or white. While this design is quite recognizable, the color combination is not. 


That’s aligned with how we do things at Rubisnacks, something recognizable like a sports bra, but done in a slightly different way. Like you, we are unique and do things our own way.


This combination stands out, different enough to call attention but so much to overwhelm.



Like all our prints, I designed this print in-house and worked directly with our printing partner in the northern Spain to produce the fabric. The printing technique is sustainable in a few ways - first, it’s made to order so I only order what I need, nothing more and no wastage. Second, it’s done in a way that conserves water and the water is 100% reusable after the process, no wastage either. Lastly, I try to keep everything as local as possible to cut down on transit emissions. That means our suppliers are either local to Barcelona or within Europe.


Tried & Tested

At Rubisnacks, we want to ensure that our collection is versatile and can keep up with your busy, joyful lives. Part of that means serious product testing and feedback integrations. Over the past few months, I've been wearing this style to workouts, putting it together in different looks, and collecting feedback from a few product testers on their experience with it. 

For size large and extra large, I’ve made the straps and band slightly thicker to add more support where it’s needed. You can still have the cute thin straps instead of a clunky sports bra (our nightmare), but you also have the benefit of the support to carry you through your day.


In the next email, we’ll share some styling tips. In the meantime, here are all the ways I’ve styled the Sevilla Polka Dot for some inspiration - from gym to street and beyond.

Activities: Cardio barre, beach trip, rooftop yoga, casual coffee with friends, apertivos and a fun dinner party, pilates, and a dancehall class.


Shop this look!

You can shop our Sevilla style now from our limited edition collection. Made sustainability in Barcelona and empowering you to live your life to the fullest.


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