What is Rubisnacks Active Fashion

"My closet is not a museum. Clothes are meant to be worn, reflect my style, fit me well, and enable me to live my life to the fullest." - Kate Rubí, Rubísnacks Founder 

We are for women making bold moves.

Woman leaning against a wall and wearing a beige sports bra

Who are we?

Rubísnacks Barcelona is about feminine power, movement, self-expression, style and comfort. 

We are a sustainable active fashion brand, specializing in our "One Bra for All" collection of sporty bra tops that enable you to move throughout your day with ease and joy.  

Our founder, Kate Rubí created Rubísnacks Barcelona as a way to keep up with her busy life in New York City - from a demanding job, to training martial arts and soccer, to a robust social life of dinners and salsa dancing with friends, she needed clothes that were stylish, but also functional and comfortable for her active life. An idea was born.


We exist so you can live your best life and get comfortable in your feminine power.

What motivates us?

We celebrate the feminine power and self-expression through movement.

Rubísnacks Barcelona is about feeling your personal force and reaching your fullest potential. We are for women making bold moves. We are dedicated to those who embody resilience and authenticity.

We are inspired by women and helping women live their fullest lives. We want to create a positive narrative around the bra as something that's stylish, functions for your needs, makes you feel good, and supports you as you get after your life.

Woman in a red geometric sports bra and a black running tights with boxing gloves. 


Joyful, simple, functional, and stylish

Move with ease and joy

Rubísnacks Barcelona is an active fashion brand, that enables you to move throughout your day with ease and joy.

The "One Bra for All" Collection consists of stylish sporty bra tops that can keep up with all your moves. Designed for movement, each month we release a limited collection with custom prints and colors, created in-house by our founder. They are unlike anything else.

Our unique sports bra tops are responsibly made at a local atelier in Barcelona, using luxury recycled materials sourced in Italy and Spain. Blending fashion and fitness, our sporty bra tops are versatile, comfortable, and chic, and allow you to express your individual style and elevate your highest performance. 

Woman looking back over her shoulder, wearing a lightning bolt sports bra in purple and holding a water bottle.

Want to know more? Discover our styles here. Interested in sustainability? Read up on our Values and Sustainability Principles.