Sustainability Principles

Changing the World through Fashion

Our goal is to create an active fashion brand with a positive impact everywhere we are present. Each design we make is aligned with our Sustainability Principles:

Sustainability Principles Active Fashion from Eco friendly fabric selection to strategic alliances

Our Sustainability Principles guide our decisions along our entire supply chain through to how we communicate with you and with whom we partner:

  • Fabric Selection: Recycled, highest quality, for longevity

We source recycled yarns and materials from local suppliers. Our performance fabrics need to have longevity of use and multiple so you do not have to continue to replace them. We select only the highest quality materials.

  • Collection Design: Purposeful, versatile, and flattering for all

We design concise and purposeful collections of timeless sports bra and active fashion pieces. Our styles are intentional and look good on a variety of body types and shapes, uses and functions. In the future, we intend to expand our size range and are currently developing specific styles. (If you'd like to be in our focus group and typically have a size that's not easily found in shops, please contact us!)

  • Manufacturing: Shared values across our supply chain

We work with companies that share our values and work in a responsible manner. Our partners are locally based in Barcelona or within the EU, such as Italy and other parts of Spain.

  • Distribution: Recycled materials and designed for re-use

Our packaging is designed with the intention to reuse the materials instead of throwing them away and made from recycled materials. We have options to select carbon off-set and eco-friendly ways to ship.

  • Marketing: Responsible messaging

We aim to have responsible messaging in the words we choose and the images we select. We do not use filters and only photoshop a minimal amount to remove blemishes, but not change body shape. Once we start working with women for our images (not just our founder!), we intend to be more inclusive and representative.

  • Organizational Membership

We are deliberate in our partnerships and work with other companies and women-owned business that share our values and strengthen our positive impact together. At the moment, we work with supplier companies that are already affiliates or members of sustainable fashion organizations.


If you would like to learn more about our Sustainability Principles, Values, and how we are a sustainable activewear brand, contact us!