Size Guide

How to figure out your Rubisnacks Sports Bra Size
Generally, these are true to size for a typical sports bra.
Image of two sports bras on a white background. Text states: Mercury - This is a minimal fit, with slightly less coverage at the cup. Criss-cross straps. Artemis - This is a more supported fit, with higher coverage at the cup and higher neckline. Includes pockets to add a cup liner. Has adjustable straps to change length and position
Fashion illustration of two sports bras, labeled Mercury and Artemis. Text states: Band across chest is the same measurement per size in both styles, only the cup size differs:

For example - Both Size M in Mercury and Artemis fit a 34-36in band, while the cup size for Mercury is slightly smaller.


Alpha Numeric/Cup Size Chart

Our sizing is pretty fluid, meaning that there is a high level of elastine to accommodate different body shapes and sizes. Therefore, you may fit into two sizes, for example both an M and an L could fit you.

Sports Bra Size chart with measurements from Spain/France, Europe/Japan, Italy, Australia, US/UK into sizes A through E and band sizes 32-42.

Select your size based on the type of fit and function you want. 

Check the chart to see which sizes correspond to you. Then decide how you want it to fit and what activities you will use it for. For a looser fit, consider sizing up. If you want a tighter fit, then stay true to size or size down.

Size chart for S-M-L-XL converted to alpha numeric cup size



1. If you are a C cup or higher, consider the type of coverage you want at the bust and the style of bra you are ordering -- Mercury has lesser coverage at the bust and a lower neckline, while Artemis has more coverage and a higher neckline.

If you are a 36C, you may select an L in Mercury and an M in Artemis, for example.


Various images of women wearing sports bras with the size denoted so that consumers can see the fit for each bra style based on body type.


Don’t fret too much though! 

Bra sizing can be super complicated and annoying. However, our bras are very flattering and will fit you well. Our bras are comfortable and very flexible to accommodate many body shapes and sizes -- it molds to your shape and, since the difference between the sizes is not that great, if you order the wrong size, you will not see a marked difference.

Of course, if you’re not satisfied, we do accept returns up to 15 days (less shipping) and you can read our full return policy here. 


If you still have questions or want us to help you with your size, feel free to write to us, we are humans behind the screen!