Meet Jungle Toucan: custom-design print in Artemis Style

Meet Jungle Toucan: custom-design print in Artemis Style

Launching our latest, limited edition print: Jungle Toucan

Discover the story behind how we created this print 

image of a watercolor Toucan bird
Once a month, friends and I would get together for chilled rosé as the sun set and to paint away as we chatted and updated each other on our lives. I was feeling in a tropical mood and wanted to study different birds of paradise, Toucan being the first.

Adding a bit of texture:

image of multiple color doodle drawings
Many months later, my husband and I did a motorcycle camping trip in Costa Brava here in Spain to celebrate our anniversary and the two month bike trip through Eastern Europe we did for our honeymoon.  While buying curry spices and coconut milk to cook later that evening, I randomly picked up a set of markers and pad of paper at the Aldi and started to doodle a bit when we arrived back at our campsite.
image of a woman walking along the beach in a green sports bra with a Toucan print

Putting it all together

When I put together my moodboard for this season’s collection of prints and colors, I wanted a tropical feel and the Toucan watercolor was the perfect edition.  I needed a bit more texture to add life to the print and paired it with the random doodle from a few months before, but made into a rich monochrome coloration of greens to serve as the jungle backdrop.

Meet Jungle Toucan in Artemis

And so this print came to life: out of moments spent with loved ones and doing cool things. To me, this print symbolizes a tropical feel and the joy you have from being surrounded by beautiful nature and people that lift you up.
two women sitting together at the beach facing the water

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