woman wearing a colorful, geometric sports bra top under a white tank top. She has her right hand over her shirt to show a bit of the sporty bra. She wears a gold bangle and is outside, in front of a cactus.

Meet our Sports Bras: Mercury Spotlight

Mercury Sporty Bra Top

Meet our most versatile, quick-silver, low impact sporty bra top

Close up of a woman wearing a sports bra that is white with Pitaya or Dragon Fruit print in pink and green

The Mercury Bra is born out of this idea of living an abundant life, where anything can happen, where you follow your curiosity to discover your true self. And to help you express yourself freely and move with joy in your body.

Here are the reasons why we love this active fashion sports bra

Here are our favorite features of the Mercury bra top:


  • You look great! Flattering silhouette for a variety of body types and sizes
  • Feminine and strong, can be styled to reflect the wearer's personality
  • Don't hide! This bra does not look like a traditional sports bra, no need to hide it.
  • Versatile to wear on many different occasions


  • Supportive bra for everyday activities and low impact sports, like pilates, cycling, or weightlifting.
  • Simplified style - bra shopping can be frustrating. Mercury is not overcomplicated with unnecessary features, functions for many needs.
  • Easy care, fast drying, and comfortable to lounge around in.


  • Woman-owned business using eco-friendly, recycled tech fabrics from Spain and Italy, made locally in Barcelona.
  • Limited collection with a pre-order business model that helps eliminate unnecessary waste in inventory.
  • Designed for versatility with the highest quality so it's long lasting and multipurpose - no need to buy a ton of different bras, this top works for all.

It's the only bra you need

Reasons to buy this sports bra such as stylish look, versatile functionality, and sustainability.

It is the original design behind Rubisnacks, to create one bra for all. Like quicksilver, it is able to adapt fast to your changing needs in both fashion and function, allowing you to express yourself in movement and style.

 Fashion illustration of a woman wearing a sports bra

Fun Fact: Did you know? This style is a favorite bra to bring on vacation.

Why? It's truly "one bra for all" - It's easy to pack in a suitcase and can be used for a TON of different activities while on holiday - whether it's sports like yoga, hiking or something outdoors, or it's hitting the hotel gym, this sports bra functions perfectly.

Or if you want to wear a comfortable bra for the plane ride, this is your bra. Some even sleep in it!

Plus, you can even wear it to the beach and go swimming in it. It's made with fast drying material for swim and sweat. And it makes for a great style to hang out at the pool or casually explore a new city.

 A woman with her back to us in a yoga pose, looking into the distance at a beach. She is seating on her legs and wears a racerback sports bra in light blue and bright neon orange. Her hair is in a loose braid.


We exist to empower women through self expression and movement.

Side view of a woman looking into the distance. She is on a moto and wears a trench coat with an active fashion sports bra underneath.
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