Meet Colorwheel!

Meet Colorwheel!

Introducing our latest sustainable active fashion print design

Discover the inspiration behind the print (hint: Modernist architecture in Barcelona) and see how it came to life.

Woman wearing a multicolor print with circle motifs, holding a skateboard and smiling in Barcelona
Woman wearing a multicolor sports bra and denim shirt. Text says: Introducing Colorwheel. I was walking back from my business school's campus for a meeting on sustainability and I strolled past a beautiful park, Guell Pavilions, by famed architect Antoni Guadi.
Images of a park gate with a dragon motif. Text states: The most eye-catching attraction is the wrought-iron gate representing Ladon, 'offspring of Typhus, the dragon that guarded the Garden of the Hesperides, which was overcome by Hercules as once of his twelve labours,' according to Wikipedia."
Image of a park wall with a dragon scale motif. Text states: As I drew closer, I saw the walls near the gate had an interesting , wheel-like pattern to it and I snapped a photo.  Later reading about the park, I learned this texture symbolized the scales of a dragon, a continuation of the famed gate."
a series of colorful circles with stripes, clustered into a group. Text states: Feeling inspired, I uploaded my photos to my computer and started to play around with this pattern.
Image of a woman wearing a brightly colored sports bra, sky blue crop top and purple bike shorts. A fashion sketch of this same sports bra is on top and another cut out image of this bra also appears. Text states, I took the concept into a series of different adaptations and patterns within the scales. This changed into that. Later I added color and more texture through stripes, to what finally became, Colorwheel
Two images of a woman wearing a colorful sports bra. First image, she is wearing this sports top with a denim shirt and striped shorts, holding a skateboard. Second image, she is wearing a sky blue crop top with the multicolor sports top underneath and periwinkle bike shorts, and rollerblading on a palm-tree lined bike path. Text states: A print, inspired by a casual spontaneous walk past a Gaudi gate in Barcelona to become a colorful rendition of an artistic texture from a stone wall. This pieces will bring you a bright and joyful feeling to it, with a touch of Barcelona history and the beautiful, collective metamorphosis of art and how it is part of all of us.

* * *

This month is all about Change and changes - Keeping with the theme, this creation of the Colorwheel design comes from being inspired by what’s around us and expressing it in our own, personal way.

Creative, expression, movement and change

Woman wearing a bright striped sports bra with circles and a denim shirt tied at waist. Text states: This month is all about Change and Changes. Keeping up with the theme, this creation of the colorwheel design comes from the inspiration that surrounds us and expressing it in our own, personal way.  Creative, expression, movement, and change. 

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