Meet the Founder: Kate Rubí

Active Fashion Founder, Kate, dancing salsa in brooklyn with her dress twirling. Image is black and white.


Hi there, I’m Kate aka Rubí – After about 10 years as a fashion designer in NYC, I packed it all up to start a new journey in Barcelona. While here, I decided to finally go after this idea that’s been with me ever since I was young – start an active fashion brand that blends stylish clothing into something that actually functions for our busy days.

I grew up playing soccer as a young girl and was constantly frustrated by the lack of options – just shrunk down men’s t-shirts for us and only pink options for cleats (if the store even carried any girls equipment). A seed was planted.


Fast forward to my life in NYC, which was joyfully nonstop-all-hours-every-hour with things going on – from a demanding job, to training martial arts (capoeira) and soccer, to a robust social life of dinners and salsa dancing with friends - I was plagued with the same issues – I needed clothes that were stylish but also functional.

From that seed, planted as a young soccer player, to a busy body in NYC carrying around a change of clothes for all my activities, Rubisnacks was born – Stylish, sporty bra tops that can keep up with me.

woman playing Brazilian martial art, capoeira in a street roda in New York City. She is wearing her white uniform.


"My closet is not a museum. It is a platform that enables me to express myself, do the things I love, and live the life I choose."

woman in a red sports bra and black pants and standing in front of a door.


Beyond the purpose of creating cool, active fashion that works for our busy days – I realize how much I use clothing as a vehicle through which I can express myself, participate in a variety of activities and essentially, live my life on my own terms. 

With that in mind, Rubísnacks is much more beyond cool sporty bra tops in beautiful prints – We celebrate feminine power and self-expression through movement. I want to empower others to make bold moves, and in the process, enable them fulfill their life goals, whatever those may be…  Sporty bra tops are how I’m enabling women to live their authentic lives – when you have a piece of clothing that you love how you look in and also it functions for your needs, you’re unstoppable.

Live your life. 


Why the name Rubísnacks? For those curious, my capoeira name is Rubí and I like snacks. (Specifically, at around 4pm, if I have not had my snacks, then there is going to be an issue.) Hence, Rubísnacks.