Introducing: Happy Hearts

Introducing: Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts Everywhere!

Have you noticed hearts popping up everywhere lately? From fashion runways to interior design trends, we're seeing hearts everywhere! So, we couldn't resist adding our own Rubisnacks twist to this beloved symbol with our latest style drop: Happy Hearts.


A labor of Love:

Creating this print was a fun journey. We started with hand-drawn sketches of different heart shapes. We played around with various shades of pink and red until we found the perfect combination – one that's bright, cheerful, and looks great on all skin tones.


Copic marker drawings of hearts in red and pink
To give the design some extra flair, we outlined each heart by hand in white. This added a cool layered effect that makes the hearts really stand out.

After finalizing the hand-drawn concept, we moved to the digital realm and fine-tuned the details using Photoshop. We experimented with different sizes, scales, and arrangements until we landed on the perfect version.

Bringing it to life:

To make sure Happy Hearts would look amazing in real life, we created a full-size mock-up. This allowed us to see every detail up close and make any final adjustments before production.

Prototyping for sports bra prints
Speaking of production, we're proud to say that Happy Hearts is not only stylish but also eco-friendly. It's printed in Northern Spain on performance knit made from recycled polyester, this style embodies our commitment to sustainability without compromising on style or quality. 

And just like all our other styles, Happy Hearts was proudly made in Barcelona at our partner atelier. You can feel good about your fashion choices.


Dressed with Love:

Whether you're adding a touch of playful charm to your workout wardrobe or elevating your everyday look with a hint of whimsy, Happy Hearts is sure to brighten up your day!

Whether you're adding a pop of playful charm to your workout wardrobe or elevating your everyday attire with a touch of whimsy, Happy Hearts is sure to spread joy wherever you go.

Spread the love with Happy Hearts! 

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