Meet Blue Desert

Meet Blue Desert

Let us be properly introduced:
Please meet the Blue Desert print in our Artemis style

The Blue Desert print was designed using a striking blue color palette, inspired by the clear skies above us as we made our way through the Moroccan landscape, from coast to mountains, to desert and beyond.

Blue Desert Morocco motif sports bra


We took a long road trip, from Marrakesh to the Sahara Desert and through Fez, visiting small towns and outposts in the process. Along the way, we stopped at souks and medinas to explore and I encountered so many beautiful crafts and arts - Geometric designs, brilliant colors, and the artist’s touch in each piece I picked up. 

image of Marrakesh market outside the medina

I was inspired and wanted to celebrate what I saw by designing my own print. Picking up on these geometric patterns, symmetrical with a nod to nature, I interpreted these ideas into flowers and repeating motifs.

images of moroccan pottery


While so much of Morocco is rich shades of tans and browns, deep reds and sandy beige, I wanted to share another aspect of it - the blues. From the brilliant sky to the rivers flanked by palm trees in a lush oasis and the seaside coast, the color blue punctuates the landscape with its brightness and infinite cool shades. 


This is also reflected by the local artists - we picked up some pottery to take back to Spain, amongst which, is a set of sky blue dishes and bowls in a patterned whirl of circles and crescents.

 looking down on a stack of plates in the Marrakesh souk with geometric patterns.

As with the rest of Rubisnacks Barcelona, each print and color is selected intentionally, to reflect a feeling or a moment. And most of these arise from some sort of adventure, or space where I, myself, and making bold moves - seeking new experiences and expanding myself.

illustrations of moroccan pottery motifs

*  *  *

I hope to impart a bit of this feeling into each design and to pass this along to you, so that you may take with you that excitement of discovery and the urge to make bold moves yourself. We are a culmination of our experiences and the stories we tell. 

 woman wearing a blue sports bra and sequin skirt

Now, let’s go make some good stories!


* * *


Introducing Blue Desert Artemis Sports Bra

Our Artemis style is a mid-impact sports bra, made for running and HIIT, but also yoga, pilates or just a walk.  It truly is made for all things from gym to street.



Blue Desert is printed in Bilbao on a luxe performance fabric for sports and swimming. And, like all of our tops, this is made locally in Barcelona.

You can shop this style here: Blue Desert Artemis

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