Updates and Behind-the-Scenes

The weeks keep flying by! Here's a quick rundown of what I've been up to the last little bit, from design to events to life as a sustainable entrepreneur.

Writing this from an attic apartment in Eixample, Barcelona as I watch after a good friend’s dog. Being in a different environment helps me get a different perspective on the daily tasks, breathing new life and ideas. It’s good to have a change of scenery at times. Plus, I have less immediate access to my fridge, and working from home, this can be a problem of endless snacking. But I digress…

The Rundown:

I wanted to share some BTS updates from Rubisnacks. I try to give you all a mix of editorial images and real-life images of what I’m doing behind-the-scenes to take the brand forward.
These past few months have been a flurry of new events and ideas, finalizing styles with my production partners and a lot of mindset work. As much as running a business is the admin and strategy bit, the biggest challenge for me has been the internal work - mindset, perspective and overcoming those pesky limiting self-beliefs. 
We already know how to do what we want to do (or we can figure it out on the way), it’s our mind that holds us back a lot of the time. For me, it’s a continuous journey to shed these layers and realize my potential. And though it’s tough at times, it’s incredibly fulfilling.
Plus, I’ve met some amazing women along the way. I’ll share about this in another blog post.

Milestones & More:

I’ve reached some milestones these past few months. And I need to give myself flowers for them, because rarely I take time to celebrate, but rather move on to the next.
<Incoming Stitch> I’m going to split this BTS blog into a couple parts because I got carried away and there is a lot to share!

Vermont Calling

We recently partnered with a boutique in Manchester, Vermont at the Kimpton Taconic, a lush four star hotel in the heart of the Green Mountains. 
Ashley Gil, who is also a brand founder, contacted me about bringing in Rubisnacks Barcelona to her shop. After a few months of hammering out the details, we shipped our first installment in April! I schlepped a suitcase full of sports bras direct from Barcelona on a pre-planned trip to see my parents in the States, and shipped these off.
This is our first brick-and-mortar location and we’re so thrilled to be a part of it! Personally, I’m excited to work with another female founder who is making bold moves and starting interesting things.

Thoroughly Caffeinated

As you may garner from our instagram, Rubisnacks loves her flat whites, especially when it is over meeting other founders to discuss new ideas, events, and plans. Suffice it to say, there has been an increase in the caffeine intake these past few months as we’re rolling out new things: RubiOmens, CasaCaprichos x Kaktos Botanical, and Samaná Sunday Markets.


We quietly launched RubiOmens and have been growing along the way. I met Liliana at my first professional photoshoot here in Barcelona, she was one of the models. We just connected, she’s really good energy, open and curious to try new things. She has Omen Therapies, where she is a Reiki healer and leads other wellness workshops.  The RubiOmens concept grew out of common interests and wanting to create space for community and other’s to better connect with themselves. 
We kicked off our first event in March at Portal Avinyo to a small group of participants. For our next event, we partnered with Attika Fitness, an English-speaking gym focused on group training and a holistic approach. 
We are busy planning our next events. We will be at Agora Circle on 8 June, which is a quarterly discussion group that connects around a different central theme. We’ll share a full recap of our event with Attika and the upcoming Agora Circle shortly.

New Collection

Over social media, I’ve been sharing snippets of our latest styles: Sevilla Polka Dot, Emerald, and Jungle Leopard. And offline, I’ve been styling these pieces into different looks, from gym to street. ICYMI, I put together a style guide for the Jungle Leopard, check our stories highlights.
In the meantime, I’ve been taking forward the next collection. I’m excited to announce we will be doing sets! You’ve been asking for bottoms and we’re developing these for you specifically. I’ve matched solid bottoms to some of our printed tops and also will introduce a few printed bottoms as well. More on this later!

Save the Date! Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte 29 May 2024

If you're in Barcelona, join us for a night of sustainable fashion, botanical drinks and live music in a cool space, put on by CasaCaprichos and friends. I'll be giving a talk from the perspective of a sustainable brand owner along with influencer and conscious consumer, Romina Román.

Get your tickets here: CasaCaprichos Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte



What's in Store?

This month, we're focused on bringing to fruition all the plans we made over the winter and to see it come to life. Keep on the lookout for more updates and events to join, plus more styling tips for our current collection!
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