Meet the elegant Wandering Star print

Meet the elegant Wandering Star print

Our latest print, custom designed print in Barcelona with inspiration from Morocco and Andalusia

We find inspiration all around us. How do we translate to our active fashion styles?

Geometric patterns, repeating shapes, ordered but with a slight touch of hand - these are the types of prints I'm most drawn to.

Arabic tiles from the Alhambra in Spain. White etchings and multicolored tiles with a shadow of a pillar


A roadtrip through Morocco and solo excursions through Andalusia in Southern Spain were an absolute dream - surrounded by natural beauty and human's interpretation of it in various visual mediums.

Road side picture of a fence in Morocco with terracotta earth posts in a geometric shape and wooden beams in between. The landscape is desert and mountains.

From hand painted pottery and motifs, to the colors of the landscape, spices, and pigments. I wanted to create a print that evoked that inspiration and that was uniquely Rubisnacks.

Three pictures of Morocco life - a cart with fresh vegetables leaning on a wall, looking down at your feet with blue and green Moroccan pottery stacked high, a bowl of various spices in browns and reds.

Three images: A woman sitting with a straw hat and red striped shorts, palm trees, and men at a horse festival in Souther Spain wearing hats.

I was inspired by everything I saw and I wanted to create a print that paid homage to these experiences.
Two duplicate images, split of a woman wearing a red sports bra with geometric motifs and a black wrap skirt twirling and dancing.


The Wandering Star print captures a sense of elegance and wanderlust, fiery passion, and the connection between nature and our imitation of it through art, with a Spanish and Moroccan lens.

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