Waves of Courage

This month is about COURAGE - the inner courage it takes to be your most authentic self 

Yoga class at the beach at sunset

Over the course of the month, we’re exploring this theme and diving deeper into how you can use self-expression and movement to better connect with yourself. It takes courage to be yourself. 

Along this theme, we’ve partnered with PranaDanza BCN. Founder, Juliana, wanted to create a community and space for movement and dance so that we can better connect with and express ourselves. We meet over coffee earlier and after hearing her story and what impact she wants to have through her work, I knew we had to work together. 

July Sessions: Olas de Coraje

Image of three women dancing with text stating: Olas de Coraja and information about the movement class.

For the month of July, we’re moving off these pages, out of our heads and into our bodies for a series called: Olas de Coraje or Waves of Courage. Just after sunrise each Monday, we meet at the beach for an hour free-form movement class. Juliana guides us in a class that’s part dance, part yoga, part meditation. It’s a beautiful experience and a positive way to start the week with intention. 


Woman dancing alone at sunset on the beach wearing a black flowy dress and pink sports bra

Community of Women making BOLD moves

What I love best is the community of women who have joined thus far - strong, courageous, bold women. If you’re in Barcelona, I encourage you to join us for a session. And if you do happen to join, then you will be entered into a lottery for a chance to win one of our bra tops.

Image of three women sitting down at a yoga class at the beach, wearing black sports bras from Rubisnacks Barcelona.


If you're unable to join us in Barcelona, I encourage you to reflect on the theme of courage and the importance of being authentic.

 To learn more about PranaDanza and Juliana, check out her instagram: @PranaDanza_BCN

Let's embrace courage and make bold moves this July.

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