The Road to NYC: Our Brand Launch at Wolf & Badger SoHo

The Road to NYC: Our Brand Launch at Wolf & Badger SoHo

White text on black: The Road to New York City: A recap

A homecoming and a new start:

If July was about courage, then we certainly honored that word. Big moves can require big risks along the way, and that takes courage.

We continue to realize our dreams by doing the courageous and by challenging ourselves in a positive way. 

Text: Our recent brand launch in NYC captures this sentiment - the courage to make big moves.  A series of six images of NYC, a sign saying, Meet the designer Rubisnacks, the Manhattan skyline, a subway sign that states, we love that if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. A dumpster spray painted saying, the world is waiting for you, images from a fashion brand launch party.

Rubísnacks Barcelona in NYC

As a New Yorker now living in Barcelona, this launch was a homecoming and a new start - bringing the brand I’m creating back home to celebrate with friends, old and new. It was a truly special moment.

Women at a fashion sports bra brand launch in NYC, designer is showing various bra tops on hangers to a crowd.

Let’s celebrate!

With a giant smile and a suitcase of beautiful sports bras, we were met by a line out the door of eager attendees excited to celebrate with us. We are thrilled to be partnering with Wolf & Badger for this event - they are a champion for independent, sustainable brands like us and work closely to connect us with amazing customers like you.

inside of a fashion boutique in SoHo NYC, framed signs say Rubisnacks Barcelona while customers look at colorful printed sports bras on a clothing rack


We quickly set up shop, putting Spanish cava on ice and turning on some fun music as we opened up the doors. Each woman was greeted with a luxe wellness gift bag as they entered and there was a flutter of excitement in the air. 



Text states: For me, the biggest highlight was connecting with woman passionate about sustainable fashion and what learning about inspires them to make bold moves     At the start, I shared why I got started and my pursuit to create a sports bra that was stylish but could also keep up with my busy life. I heard about each woman’s interests in sustainable fashion and sports as they recounted what they do in their free time, what motivates them, and what they look forward in activewear." There are images of women looking at sports bras on a clothing rack. Bottom image is a fashion illustration with the text: "new style unveiled. We launched new styles exclusively at the event, having working with my atelier the week before to create a special edit for the event."


 Our brand is built on celebrating the power of femininity and self-expression through movement, and each piece is created to support women as they make bold moves. Seeing how our collection does this in real life and to hear stories from customers was impactful.



Special surprise

Gifts are always fun! We surprised attendees with a wellness gift, direct from Spain. Scrunchies made from fabric remnants of our beautiful prints and luxe hand lotion made from Spanish olive oil for those who attended. 

 image of a luxe wellness giveaway bag - sustainable scrunchie, lotion, palo santo, in a satin bag.

We made a special gift for those who purchased, in partnership with friend and fellow businesswoman, Liliana of Omen.Therapies. Hand-poured candles of special aromatherapeutic scents, custom made here in Barcelona. We’ll be sharing more about the collab in the coming month.



Final thoughts

Women are incredible and we do incredible things. I want to create a brand that supports us and give motivation to each of us so that we can continue to reach high and accomplish all that we set out to do in the world, whatever that may be.

Text over a few polaroid images: We need to celebrate ourselves and the milestones, big or small, in our lives. And that’s what this event was about: marking a milestone and celebrating with your community.


As an independent brand and a founder, there is a ton of unique challenges along the way to get us to these big moments. From a personal perspective, this marked a milestone - I could feel my brand shift from a hobby to a viable business, solving the needs of my customers. 

 Image of a fashion designer outside a boutique in SoHo NYC, with a sign that says, Meet the Designer Rubisnacks

With each step, I feel that I’m coming more and more into my own as an entrepreneur and as a sustainable fashion brand. It feels good. I’m glad you were there with me.


Big thank you

A very big thank you to those who came out and those who supported from afar! Thank you to Wolf & Badger, champion for independent and sustainable designers, and a special thank you to the SoHo store team, who was a delight to work with. We hope to have more events in the future!

 Polaroid image that says Gracias Rubisnacks in handwriting at the bottom.

The best part of it all - seeing friends come out to support while making new friends, and connecting with cool women making bold moves.

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