How I design prints and the inspiration behind them

How I design prints and the inspiration behind them

The Rubisnacks Design Process

The process behind how I design the custom prints of Rubisnacks and where I get my inspiration.

How I find inspiration for fashion print designs

Design is not a linear exercise, neatly blocked off into units of time devoted to a one directional progression towards a final product. 

I have this thing with floors image, photo is taken looking down at the floor and the wearer has on a red polka dress. The floor is made of different tiles in various patterns

Image of Gustav Klimt painting, The Dancer


On this artistic journey, I collect ideas and inspiration from experiences that cross my path - music, a color combination or texture, something I saw on a fashion show runway, a photograph or painting, or a pattern made by nature.

Graphic design poster images of flowers and the sun

I place them into my metaphorical basket to later explore each in a more deliberate process, where I unload all these ideas, as if onto a large blanket, and start to plan out the next collection. 

A bouquet of white, yellow, and orange flowers    Font in English and Hindi saying, "love" or "prem"    Swatches of colors in red, brown, and turquoise blue
Collection of different textiles, patterns, and sketches

I mix and match, play with different shades and textures and sizes. I imagine how my customer would wear these prints, how she would style them.

A collage of vintage reggae album covers and travel posters
Two women in cool, streetwear outfits, The person on the left is wearing an orange, off the shoulder top and bright blue pants with a yellow clutch. The person on the right is wearing a bra top outfit with a mint color jacket and light pink pleated pants.

It’s an on going process of yes, no, maybe, let’s try. It’s rarely neat and succinct, but eventually fits into a refined collection of prints that I release each month. 

Though each print is unique, they share a common aesthetic that my consumers enjoy - something elegant, something bold, something colorful, something neutral. A print for each of our moods and for all the experiences we encounter in a day.

 * * *


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