Feel Your Feelings: Meditation Event by Omen Therapies and Rubisnacks Barcelona

Feel Your Feelings: Meditation Event by Omen Therapies and Rubisnacks Barcelona

A recap on the evening

We recently invited our community to our first Omen Therapies x Rubisnacks event as a chance to connect and celebrate the restart of spring.


Connect, Renew, Celebrate & Release

Feel Your Feelings was designed for our community to connect and celebrate as we restart for spring -- We wanted to create a space that allowed each person to release what no longer served and to make space for new things to blossom.



The event featured a series of meditations and visualizations, led by Liliana of Omen Therapies. Here, she invited each of us to connect deeper with ourselves in a meditative state, so that we could comfortably access our feelings in a safe environment.

By feeling our feelings, we are able to acknowledge and offer a release what not longer hold purpose, so that new, fresh feelings and ideas can flow. Here, we also set intentions for new goals and reinforced our understanding of self-reliance amidst a stressful and chaotic world. 


Creative Expression

After this session, we invited everyone to record the experiences and feelings that arose during the meditation into a creative expression. This is to help deepen what we learned during the meditation so that we can continue after the session.

This was followed by a circle for those who felt inclined to share what they experienced and how they will integrate this in the coming weeks and months.



The main themes were about self-reliance and the ability to always go back into yourself as a safe space when you experience different feelings. Rather than blocking or ignoring, we focused on acknowledging, letting them rise up so they could be released.


Participants felt a warm sense of connection and release. There were smiles and laughter, along with more poignant thoughts as we validated what we felt but did not restrain it or judge ourselves for it.

As always, meditation and self-understanding is a journey and this is merely one step along the path. Holding space together for this session and learning from others deepened our sense of connection. It is a cause to celebrate.



Post-Event Sharing

We capped the session by tasty refreshments, made by Liliana herself. Vegan and gluten-free cakes and breads, refreshing kombucha and warm teas were enjoyed as we chatted with others in the beautiful space of Portal Avinyo.



About Rubisnacks x Omen Therapies Partnership:

Rubí Omens is a partnership between Rubisnacks Barcelona and Omen Therapies, dedicated to fostering self reflection and expression, growth, and movement. Our intention is to bring together others and create a community of like-minded individuals, through which we can each learn and support along our own personal journeys. Creating space for health and wellness is our way to give back to the community.


To learn more, follow us on Instagram at: Rubí Omens and sign up for our email where we will share upcoming events!

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