What Does Movement Mean to Us?

What Does Movement Mean to Us?

Yes, we are an active fashion brand, so of course movement to us is a physical thing, but it goes beyond that.

woman in a red sports bra and black skirt dancing

We define movement as anything that affects a change in place, space and vision.

More specifically for Rubisnacks, we celebrate these types of movements in particular:

  • Physical, where you move your body through sport, dance or something active; body.
  • Intellectual, where you move your mind through education, conversation, or gain more perspective through interaction with community; collective.
  • Mental, where you move your mind and self through experience and get closer to your true self; individual.

All of these types of movements lead towards betterment of self in all areas - life, work, and the in-between.  

Tangible and intangible, a change in status. 

A holistic transformation:

Often, physical movement is a catalyst for other types of movement for me and that is why i feel so strongly about the importance of movement for a person. Through physical movement, I  can transform how I feel mentally and intellectually, and as a result, feel more empowered and more like myself. It is the power of movement.

woman in a red sports bra and black skirt dancing

This connection of empowerment through self expression and movement is our mission and foundation to why we exist as a brand.  Big or small, physical or mental, individually or collectively. Movement transforms you.

Movement and self expression as a catalyst for empowerment.

I invite you to think about movement in your own life and how you use movement, in whatever form, for the betterment and empowerment of yourself.  Reply back to this email if you’d like to share, I’d love to hear what movement means to you!  What does movement mean to you?

Let’s take this month to celebrate things that move us!


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