How to Style: Sevilla Sports Bra

How to Style: Sevilla Sports Bra

Style Inspiration

How to Style: Sevilla Polka Dot Sports Bra 


We're spotlighting the Sevilla Artemis, our lilac pink polka dot print, this month and wanted to put together a style guide to give you some inspiration when you're getting dressed for your day!



The Inspiration

This month we channeled the perfect summer of city exploring and escapes to nature: seaside somewhere in Europe, taking on interesting design projects, enjoying the sun somewhere on a catamaran, hopping from spin to brunch with friends, and of course, summer nights out in a new city with friends, laughing and dancing.



The European Summer

Perhaps we're biased, but enjoying a negroni off the coast of somewhere beautiful with sun beaming down and slight breeze, well this is one of our joys. And we styled the perfect look for such an occasion. Naturally, we like to match our environment, so if that calls for a flowy white linen skirt, summer bag and unique sunglasses, we're game.



The Designer

For the Designer look, we paired windowpane balloon trousers with an oversized button down shirt - a loose silhouette. We style this with high heeled croc boots with an elegant cut out at the ankle. Topped off with oversized earrings and eccentric sunglasses.



Gym to Street Chic

Gym-to-Street is an important route we take here at Rubisnacks. In fact, that's partially what inspired me to create the brand in the first place! I needed a sports bra that looked chic and could keep up with my active lifestyle in New York City. 

This look was inspired by Saturday mornings - a quick jog over to the spin studio to pump out a fun sweat session, then off to meet friends for a late brunch and caffeine in a hip café.



Elevated Sailor Look

I'm on a boat! Well, maybe not but we at least look the part. We love a high waisted sailor short, this somehow looks good on everyone. Paired with an open vest and natural, woven accessories of wicker and juut, we're ready for the seas.



Eclectic Maximalist

We rarely meet a pattern we don't like and in fact, the more the merrier. We decided to tap into our maximalist tendencies and went all-in on this look - watercolor prints with a beachy scene, paired with shimmery metallic accessories and lilac grape earrings to match. Even though this may be "over the top," it somehow all goes together in its own way. And we love it.



Make it your own style

Shop the Sevilla Polka Dot and style it your own way for whatever the summer may bring. 

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