Happy Birthday to Us! Rubisnacks turns one

Happy Birthday to Us! Rubisnacks turns one

We’re turning One! Happy birthday to us <3

A message from the founder, Kate Rubí

I love birthdays and anniversaries as a way to mark a phase and reflect. We soft launched Rubisnacks Barcelona last January 2023 to our dear friends, family and clients. Launching a business of any kind can be a rough ride, with ups and downs and uncertainty. Our birthday marks a year of first  and milestones, trials and errors, and a lot of joy amidst the challenges. 

I started Rubisnacks because I needed a sports bra that supported me as I moved throughout my busy day, and one that allowed me to express who I was as an individual.


Turns out you all wanted the same! I’m proud of what we’ve created: an active fashion brand for women making bold moves. 

And what’s been most fulfilling throughout the experience is to see you enjoy your Rubisnacks bras - you’re each out there making bold moves, fulfilling your dreams and going after your passions, all while wearing our pieces. 



Thank you for being a part of it! Having people like you along the way makes a huge difference and I cherish your support and excitement - let’s go make some bold moves!



Thoughts on new phase:

In the spirit of marking a phase and reflecting, here are some thoughts on a new phase and my three take-aways from the first year in business: 

In 2024, we are entering a new phase in the business. While this past year was filled with a lot of first milestones, testing and discovery, this coming year is about refinement, focus, and going big.

I’ve always put quality, function, and style as top priorities - this does not change. As we’ve put systems in place and have established ourselves, we can focus more on growth and reaching with more consumers, like you, who want active fashion that allows them to move and express themselves as they wish. Plus, we’re also expanding our offering and will include sets in the future, such as biker shorts and running tights. Get excited!

As always, we continue to product test and incorporate your feedback into our designs and work closely with our sustainable suppliers as we onboard new ateliers. We will refine our brand by connecting with creatives and working with local businesses so that Rubisnacks Barcelona makes you feel good, inspires you, and helps you achieve your personal goals.  It’s all for you. It will be a good year!


Personal Take-aways:

Building a business is as much about the product and logistics, as it is about personal growth.  Often, we are the ones holding ourselves back from our goals. While I’ve been understanding Spanish tax law, developing product and dealing with admin, I’ve also been having internal conversations to find my voice, better understand my limiting beliefs, and strengthen my resolve to go for my dreams.

Here are the three biggest takeaways: 

Dream big, my darling, dream big

Often my fear of failure will lead me to clipping my dreams to something smaller and known. Big dreams require venturing into the unknown. It can be uncomfortable. There is a risk of failure, you make yourself open to criticism, and we don’t like to feel vulnerable. It’s certainly easier when you limit your goals to what you already know and don’t venture into the unknown. 

Having big dreams means taking a risk, exposing yourself to criticism and failure. It requires you to learn new things and doing something you haven’t before. And it’s also an opportunity to surprise yourself with your abilities and what you can achieve. A chance to learn new things and discover that you, in fact, can do big things. 

Whenever I feel myself curtailing my ideas, I recognize that it’s this subconscious fear that’s driving it, trying to protect myself from failure and the unknown. We are not meant to be small, we are destined for big things, meaningful things. While the voice inside your head may be telling you to keep it small, you know it’s time to push back and to dream big, my darling, dream big.


Abundance Mindset

Something I’ve struggled with for what seems like forever, is a scarcity mindset. Similar to dreaming big, having an abundance mindset is key. So often, the “What If Parade,” goes off in my mind: what if this goes wrong, what if this happens, and so on…that it can make you want to shore up your resources and retain them.  

The thing is, resources are abundant. We are limitless. There is abundance all around us. When we look at time, money, and opportunity as a finite, fixed amount and we worry that there is not enough around, we act in a different way, hoarding what we have and not realizing that we can create more. It’s not a zero-sum thing. There is abundance if you approach your goals in a way that honors infinite possibility.


I’ve learned over this year that you will find a way, because there always is a way. You will find resources, because there is always an abundance of resources. I am learning to see the world through the lens of abundance and it has opened me up to more opportunities along the way.



You have to meet who you will become

I heard someone say this in a women’s talk and it resonated with me greatly. Who we will become is not who you are today. In order to grow and achieve goals, you will be required to  metamorph into the person who can achieve those. It’s not abandoning who you are today, but rather it’s understanding the personal growth that must take place in order for you to become who you are to become.


You have to meet her in the road. And that means understanding that you may leave parts of you behind as you take on new aspects and move into the next. And that happens, starting now.



Final thoughts

Going after your dreams is not for the weak. It requires resolve, persistence and the ability to withstand discomfort. While I’ve felt a mosaic of these moments over the past year, I wouldn’t replace it for anything. Rubisnacks Barcelona turning one is a big milestone. I’m proud. And, I look forward to the continued growth in the next year and beyond. 

I cannot thank you enough for being a part of it. I’ve felt your support the entire time. Here’s to turning one and to us each going after what sets our hearts on fire. 


Much love, xxKate aka Rubí


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