Photoshoot at Kaktos Botanical Society with CasaCaprichos and Towy

Photoshoot at Kaktos Botanical Society with CasaCaprichos and Towy

Photoshoot at Kaktos with CasaCaprichos, Towy & Friends

Throughout our lives, we collect experiences and share moments with the people that join our journey. Every now and then, these people turn into friends and you continue to create experiences. That's the case with Boryana and Towy. I met Boryana at a yoga class at Juno House, when she noticed my Rubisnacks sports bra. We connected over sustainable fashion and being brand owners, with her newly launched website CasaCaprichos.


Bory, where you at? -- She was too busy hammering out the details of the event that we didn't get any shots of her that day.



Though Towy and I are both from NYC, Towy being native while I'm a transplant, we connected in Germany, working at the same corporation. She headed up the Denim Design Studio, while I was in charge of corporate culture and social impact. We connected again back in Barcelona where we both moved after we left the company. She's now creating premium upcycled denim homewares, such as adirondack loungers and more. You can find her on insta at GydeonValdez_Does_Shanghai. Stunning pieces.


Kaktos Botanical Society Photoshoot

In preparation for an upcoming event, we did a short photoshoot at the space, Kaktos Botanical Society here in Barcelona. Picture a rustic, industrial space with a wall of windows beaming in natural light and filled with plants and cacti of all sorts. High ceilings, tasteful art, and natural materials. Here are some snaps from the day:


Save the Date! Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte 29 May 2024

If you're in Barcelona, join us for a night of sustainable fashion, botanical drinks and live music in a cool space, put on by CasaCaprichos and friends. I'll be giving a talk from the perspective of a sustainable brand owner along with influencer and conscious consumer, Romina Román.

Get your tickets here: CasaCaprichos Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte



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