Monthly Recap: May

Monthly Recap: May

What inspired us in May and what we’re looking forward to in June

It’s a constant challenge to balance future plans, admin, and the never-ending to-do’s, while taking quiet moments and creating space for yourself. 


Inspiration often sneaks into these tiny cracks within our daily routine, landing on you for a moment before it can flutter away. Without creating an environment to cultivate inspiration, we can forge ahead, trudging through our obligations and the pace of life, without having the joy of beauty and inspiring things to light up our journey.

I find myself on constant battle with this - a mountain of things to do, peering down on me whilst I tell myself, no it’s important to take a break. Sometimes I get it right, often I don’t. But hey, it’s part of the practice.


Part 1: Moodboards, Events, Design, and More

May was a mix of design and development work and networking events and launches.



Kaktos Photoshoot

Last week we had the Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte Pop Up Fashion event by CasaCaprichos and friends, at Kaktos Botanical Society. In preparation for the event (and because we love the space...), we had a photoshoot. Above is the moodboard I put together of looks and attitude, and below is the result.

L'Orange Bleue Sports Bra

Rubisnacks friend, Towy, is sporting the L'orange Bleue sports bra in the Artemis style. We will be opening up a preorder for the limited stock we have shortly. Stay tune, you'll be the first to have access!



Scenes from a fashion pop up launch event last month, with local designers from Barcelona and jewelry brands from Mexico. A good DJ set, flowing cocktails, and unique designs made the event super lively and inspiring.

Pop Ups & Events:

At the start of the month, I had a wellness market at Samaná Space, a yoga studio in Poblenou, the hip, industrial neighborhood of Barcelona, home to start ups, music venues, artsy stuff, and more. For a New Yorker, this reminds me of a Spanish Bushwick.


Aside from the pop up market, the day was speckled with mini-events from yoga, pilate, and a sound meditation.




Sustainable Fashion Talks at Norrsken Hub

I attended a few sustainability talks on fashion and impact investing, hosted by IESE Business School, my alma mater, at Norrsken, a coworking community here in Barcelona, Sweden and Rwanda. We heard the former CEOs of Chloé and Ganni talk about their sustainability journeys with each brand. As a fashion brand owner, this talk not only confirmed some thoughts I had but also inspired me in new ways to approach my supply chain and product development

Not only did I attend talks on Sustainability, but I also gave on, as part of the Quiero Verde, Quiero Verte Fashion Pop Up by CasaCaprichos last week.

Read more the full post here: Quiero Verde Quiero Verte 


Design & Development:

Beyond all these happenings outside my office, I was busy at my desk with design development and production. Next week I go into production for our next round and guess what? We’re introducing SETS! That’s right, you’ll be able to wear a full Rubisnacks set of tops and bottoms that match. 



After a lot of customer feedback, we realized this was missing from our portfolio. We will share a separate post on this so you can preorder. Stay tuned!



What we're listening to: 

El Búho & Nita


After a weekend trip to Madrid of yoga classes and dancing until 4am with friends, I've been listening to this album non-stop. We randomly ended up at his concert, part of the Guacamayo electric tropical DJ set once a month and we had the best time. Good music, good dancing, good friends.

Listen to the song, Cenizas de Agua by El Búho and Nita here:



This month, like all, have been filled with a ton of exciting things that inspired us and caused us to think in new ways. Further, I met interesting people in the process that has excited me for all the new ideas we can do together. 


While it can be very stressful to run a fashion brand, especially at the start when everything is new and unstable, I’m still inspired and motivated each day to move forward. I truly believe in Rubisnacks and I know you feel the same, from your feedback and how you express what it means to you. These are reasons why I keep going and continue to feel inspired.

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