MOVEMENT - Let's celebrate the thing that make us move

MOVEMENT - Let's celebrate the thing that make us move

This month’s theme is MOVEMENT:

When starting Rubisnacks, I included movement as a brand value, along with self expression, responsibility and strength. 

Movement is an integral part of my life, personally. Growing up, I was always moving in some respect of the definition, whether it be physically, mentally, or intellectually.
Woman in a black sports bra with a long sleeve crop top and pleated skirt moving
I quickly realized the transformative nature of what the act of movement can do for a person’s self development:
  • Through sports, I learned confidence, how to overcome adversity or take a loss, how to interact with others on a common goal, how to be competitive in a positive way, and how to press on when I feel like I want to give up, mentally or physically. 
  • Through dance and more artistic forms, I learned how to express myself through movement. But more so, how to be comfortable with self expression in this form. It didn’t come easy - I used to feel silly or even a bit cringe when dancing - “I look ridiculous,” “I don’t know what I’m doing,” blah blah blah … this running dialogue we have in our heads telling us we’re not good enough at something, and I learned how to manage that negative talk and transform it into something positive.
Woman dancing with her hands in the air wearing a criss-cross back sports bra with a dragon fruit pitaya print

This connection of empowerment through self expression and movement is our mission and foundation to why we exist as a brand. Big or small, physical or mental, individually or collectively. Movement transforms you.

Let’s take this month to celebrate the things that move us!


Woman in a black sports bra with beige pleated bottoms and gold jewelry

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