Style & Flow: How to Style the Artemis Sporty Bra Top

Style & Flow: How to Style the Artemis Sporty Bra Top

How to Style a Sports Bra: when you want to have style and function 

Last week we did a photoshoot with different ways to style our Artemis Sporty Bra top in our ECONYL® Nero Black. We wanted to highlight how versatile this piece is for a ton of different outfits. Here's what we came up with:
Text on flower image reads: "Work: Blending  a polished look with comfort and versatility, we paired the Artemis top with a black knit skirt and vintage belt.   Top it off with a wrap sweater  for a bit of structure and sinuous lines and add gold accessories for a pop"
Four images in a grid of a woman wearing a black sports bra with a black skirt. Another woman wearing gold earrings and rings.
black cursive writing reads: Out with Friends

When you’re out with your friends, you have less restrictions on what you can wear - it’s fun to experiment with new looks, accessories and silhouettes!

Woman wearing a light blue top over a black sports bra and silk floral pants in blue.
I’ve got this cute shrug that I’ve been trying to figure out how to style into an outfit.
I grab a few things from my closet and begin to play around. I want to balance loose and tight fit, color and print, and what I want to emphasize.
woman wearing a blue top over a black sports bra and she has high waisted silk bottoms with a floral print


High-waisted, silk pants with a floral pattern and a neutral top over the Artemis top.High heels and still need to do something with my hair, but that’s a future-me problem to solve...! 

A new look that’s a bit different from what I typically wear, blending prints and colors, and working with what usually works for my body type.


 What to wear running errands

We’ve all got ‘ish to do, let’s have some fun while we do it

woman in a blue cut off shirt with a black sports bra and jeans

I took the shrug from the previous look ... 

woman in a blue cut off shirt with a black sports bra and jeans
and made it more casual with jeans and a high bun...


What to wear to Yoga class

And when you want to make new shapes and movements, the Artemis top supports you along the way.

Woman doing yoga in a black sports bra


I said I would never wear the biker shorts trend, and look how I caved, lol. To be fair, they are practical! For yoga and pilates, I tend to go with neutrals and I’ve paired the black Artemis with black tights. Simple and straightforward so I can keep my mind on my yoga practice. 

I chose to keep the straps straight rather than criss cross at the back, for a more simple, less strappy look.



Practical Tips for Styling your Sports Bra

Some practical tips, beyond pretty pics:  

It's about YOU!

For me, the first principle is to make sure I’m the one wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing me.  Sometimes you see someone in a great outfit, but they don’t look comfortable or confident - perhaps they’re trying something new (amazing!) but it’s maybe not what they feel good in.

There is a fine line to balance trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone, but making sure you’re true to yourself and expressing that in how you present yourself to the world. 

Style vs. Trend

I’m not a big trend person, that’s just me, and I do love to see it when others are rocking a new trend. That’s not to say I don’t dabble in trends or find them fresh - I do! And when I do, I enjoy it. But, at times, I don’t feel as confident trying it out just for trends-sake, so I opt out. It’s not important to me that my wardrobe is in season.

It’s important that my wardrobe reflects who I am and how I want to present myself to the world. I wear what I like, what I can move in, and what looks fresh. If my style aligns with the zietgeist, then great! If not, so be it, I’m still going to be my authentic self!  Style over trends!

Stylish Lens:

Balance, proportion, interest, and function - these are the lenses under which I evaluate an outfit.  

Ok, let’s be honest - I’m usually running late or don’t have a ton of time to plan my outfits (I’ve got stuff to do, this is just how I live my life, lol).  I’m not taking a magnifying lens and spending hours thinking about how an outfit might get pieced together. But, you can hone your sense of balance and proportion to get a good sense of how the outfit will flow.  

This includes things like, silhouette and shape, color or pattern, texture, and how they all converse together.  

An outfit is a dialogue you have with the world to express who you are and how you want to present yourself. Some days, I have a lot to say and I express that by a loud outfit, whether it be colorful or full of patterns or something unconventional.  Other days, I’m more fit to be at a library, quiet and turned inwards, I’ll wear neutrals that are polished and not calling for attention. 

Woman in a black sports bra with beige pleated pants, gold accessories and a hat. This is an outfit from our How to Wear a Sports Bra Style Guide. She is in front of a grey background.


“Everything in moderation, even moderation,” as the saying goes. For silhouette, if I have a loose fitting bottom, I’ll wear a tighter top to create an overall shape.

Texture and pattern can add interest - You can see I have a bright blue, floral silk pant that I’m wearing with neutral colors at the top - I want to accentuate the beauty of the pant and not distract. Since the bottoms are looser fit, I wear a tighter top. Balance.  

Balance can be found when things are out of balance too - I love a wide collection of prints all worn together in a chaotic mix of color and print. 

Let’s make it interesting!

I play with balance to highlight an interesting part of my outfit. It’s good to have fun, even if we’re in serious mode. Having an interest point, be it an accessory or a unique color, can make your outfit look fresh. Using balance to direct focus towards the interest point brings it out!


Last but not least, does this fit into my lifestyle?

I’m all for great clothes and cool outfits, but does it function? Can it keep up with me? Does it support me in what I want to do?  

The answer has to be YES, otherwise it doesn’t pass my filter, vibe check, any of that. Bye.  


Your body is for movement and the clothes we adorn it with should assist us with that.  That’s our whole purpose to exist as a brand: to empower you through self expression and movement.


Black text on white enamel pieces reads: What I love most about the Artemis bra top is how versatile the look is - here you can go from polished and professional to trendy and fun to errand hopping to yoga-chic all in the span of a day.   This style just flows with you along the way and doesn’t look too sporty or too fashiony, but simple balances both based on your needs.  Now it’s your turn! How will you style the Artemis top? What are all the ways you can wear it? 

 • • •

Sports bras designed for you

woman wearing a black sports bra with a fashion outfit

I designed each bra top in my collection with this in mind - each style has unique functions based on different needs, but ultimately they are made to support you.  

Mercury is for a quick-change lifestyle, flattering and minimal, it goes with you wherever you need.  

Artemis, our more supportive sister, is there for higher impact activities - she’s fully adjustable with straps that can change form and you can add inserts at the cup for more coverage if you choose.   

Neither look like sports bras but they function like one.  They cover us for all the things we are in a day.


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